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Our Services

Physical Archiving

Outsourcing your document storage will allow you to save time, cost and space and increase overall operational efficiency.

The Comprehensive package of services we offer manages the entire lifecycle of records from digitizing, storing, retrieval through to secure destruction after the required retention period.

Our Physical Archiving processes guarantee you complete security and traceability of organizational records.

Since the safety of your documents is paramount to us, we have stringent security measures in place to avoid any risk which may come in.

Box Management & Rapid Document
Retrieval using Reach Truck

Automated Box Tracking

Retrieving information using barcode

Voucher Bundle Management

Preparation of voucher bundle boxes and retrieving only the relevant voucher bundle upon customer request.

File / Document Management

Retrieving only the required file or the document

Physical Archiving of Documents


24-Hour Man Guard Security

Complimented by Electronic Surveillance

Comprehensive Fire Management System

Regular Fire Drills / Inspections and fire training

Regular Pest Control and Termite Treatment

Dual Access Control Mechanism


Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan


Our Physical Warehouses are located closer to Colombo City Limits.